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Written Translations and Editing

- Editing of documents for Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO)

- Editing of report "A Quiet Revolution. The Emergency Anabah Maternity Centre and Women's Empowerment" and translation (English/Italian) of "Una rivoluzione silenziosa. Il centro di maternità di Emergency ad Anabah e l'empowerment femminile", EMERGENCY

- Editing of documents for World Food Program (WFP)


- Report "Samira Project. For a competent and quick reception of foreign women and girls in situations of violence and trafficking at their arrival in Italy", D.i.Re (Italian/English)

- #Climatechangingme campaign, Clim'Act Project (Report, promotional material, website, video), A Sud (Spanish/English/Italian)


- Editing and translation (Italian/English) of shadow report to the UN CEDAW Committee (Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women)​


- Book Populism: an introduction,  Anselmi M. , Routledge (Italian/English)

- Book La historia politica del Nunca Mas. La memoria de las desapariciones en la
, Crenzel, E., Editpress (Spanish/Italian)


- “Trócaire Approach to Resilience Briefing Paper”, Trócaire (English/Spanish)

- Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Reports (Ebola, #Milionidipassi campaign on migration,
Annual reports) (English/Italian and Italian/English)

- Global Hunger Index 2016 case study, Cesvi (Italian/English)

- Articles for journal Renewable Matter and “Renewable Materials” exhibition,  Edizioni
Ambiente (Italian/English)


- Article “Feminism and Democratic Struggles in Latin America” by Virginia Vargas,
published in the book The Oxford Handbook of Transnational Feminist Movements,
Oxford University Press (Spanish/English)




- Language facilitation for report on culture and climate displacement,  Mary Robinson Foundation - Climate Justice (Spanish/English)


- "Italian Noir: in conversation with Massimo Carlotto", Italian Institute of Culture - Dublin (Italian/English) 

- "Defending Land, Defending Life", Latin America Solidarity Centre (Spanish/English)


- “Reducing and preventing gender-based violence: how can we improve programme
design?” Christian Aid Ireland (Spanish/English)


-“Abortion Laws and Human Rights - Global Experiences”, Irish Council for Civil Liberties (Spanish/English)


- "Lethal Lands: Why Activists are Killed Protecting the Planet", Dublin Human Rights Festival, Front Line Defenders and Amnesty International (Spanish/English)


- "Climate Change and Agriculture" by Vandana Shiva, Clim'Act Project (English/Italian)​


- Language facilitation for Clim'Act Camp, Youth for Climate (English/Spanish/Italian)​


- "Resistencia Feminista: Fighting for Reproductive Rights in Honduras and Ireland", Front Line Defenders (Spanish/English)​


- Book launch "Quelli del San Patricio", Pino Cacucci, Italian Institute of Culture - Dublin and Embassy of Mexico (Italian/English/Spanish)


- "After the Deal is Done", PBI/Christian Aid/Trócaire (English/Spanish and Spanish/English)

- The HRD Memorial Project, Front Line Defenders (English/Spanish and Spanish/English)

- Roundtable "Women and Islamophobia", ENAR (European Network against Racism)
(English/Italian and Italian/English)

- Annual lecture Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation (English/Italian and Italian/English)

- Conference and accompaniment EU PhD Programme Entitle on climate justice (English/Italian/Spanish)

- Conference and accompaniment EU Research Programme Ejolt on climate justice (English/Italian/Spanish)

- Interpreted for British journalist and writer Sarah Helm, Goldman Environmental Prize winner

Stephanie Roth, Nigerian environmental activist Godwin Ojo, Ecuadorian lawyer on Chevron case

Pablo Fajardo, Peruvian peasant leader Hugo Blanco, film-maker and environmental activist Avi



See gallery for photos of some of these events.


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